Different Perspective by David Pearce

Food Photography


Elevate your food and drink imagery with stunning photography that brings your dishes and drinks to life.

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Food Photography


I capture dynamic action with my sports photography, seeking intense emotions, impressive feats, and the brilliance of world class athletes.

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Food Photography

Business Portraits

From corporate headshots to personalised branding sessions, my business portraits present you in the best light, inspiring confidence and trust among colleagues, clients, and partners.

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Food Photography


From heartfelt vows to exuberant celebrations, my wedding photography is a seamless blend of artistry and emotion, ensuring my photographs will forever narrate the beginning of your life together.

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From mischievous puppies to wise old souls, my dog photography celebrates the unique personalities and special moments shared with your beloved pets. 

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Ferrari 275 GTB/4


From classic Ferraris to modern Bugattis, my lens captures the sleek lines showing your prized cars in a way that exudes passion and admiration

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Baby photography in Kent


From heartwarming family portraits to playful candid shots, my kids’ photography sessions are a joyful journey through the precious moments that pass all too quickly

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Baby photography in Kent

Events and Parties

Whether it’s a grand gala, corporate conference, or a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, our event photography captures the excitement, camaraderie, and jubilation, turning your gatherings into lasting memories that resonate with all who attend.

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