Triathlon, Cycling and Sports Photography


This site was created to showcase my work as when working for a client I might spend 19 hours shooting (at at Ironman) but only a handful of shots will ever be used. I wanted you, a lover of sports photography to be able to see far more than that.


Instead of publishing blog posts which I felt would be too long I have instead opted to publish a digital magazine called “Different Perspective” which you can access from the menu. In addition to the images there are often interviews and articles so please do grab a drink and sit down for 30 mins to browse through each edition.

I am a triathlete myself and compete at all distances from SuperSprint to Ironman and am quite addicted. So much so in fact that as from August 2014 I have decided to offer my services to photograph weddings again. I did this for 5 years full time but gave up to focus on triathlon photography. I will only shoot fellow triathletes weddings and am pricing them at half my previous fee so £750. Please have a look at the page I have created to learn more.