Spirit Bottle Photography

We take the stress out of constantly creating images for your social media channels by taking your bottles into nature and photographing them.

Our Service

We take product photography out into the open, making it far more interesting and engaging. 

Throughout the month we make multiple trips to numerous locations to photograph our clients products. You have a choice between city, countryside, seaside or interior images or a mixture. If you choose to “subscribe” and have images every month we will upgrade you to the next package up. 

Most images are shot in Portrait format to allow you to easily crop them to square. If you prefer landscape then just let us know. 


Below is an example of a 20 image package

Want to make your products stand out?

10 image package

For just £50 + vat you will receive 10 images shot in multiple locations. 

20 image package

For just £75 + vat you will receive 20 images shot in multiple locations. 

30 image package

For just £100 + vat you will receive 30 images shot in multiple locations. 

Will we receive unique images?
Yes you will. We take a number of products to each location but image will be unique to you.

Can I have a unique shoot?
Yes – please double the prices shown.

Do you return the bottles?
No – we hold tastings and introduce your product to potential new customers for you.

Where do you take the photographs?
All over the UK. As a food and drink photographer I am always travelling so arrive early or there day before to do these shoots. There are no fixed dates or places as they change with my schedule.

Can we have a dedicated photoshoot at our location?
Yes you can – this will usually be charged my half or full day rate.

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