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Our Latest “Gourmand World CookBook Award” Winning Books

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Food and Drink Photography

(Why you should choose me)

Because I speak your language – I worked in a Michelin starred restaurant for many years (with Stages at Le Gavroche, The Ritz and Turnberry) and won an Academie Culinaire de France “Annual Award of Excellence” before owning a fine wine merchants. This lead to 2 book commissions on wine from a major publisher.

As a photographer, this means I understand your passion, dedication and what you strive to achieve more than most. I have spent the past few years shooting professional sport (including the Rio Olympic Games) but have now returned to my passion – food and drink.

I work with some of the leading chefs in the country and would love to discuss how I can portray your food through my lens.

David Pearce

Book Publishing

(We can bring your book idea to life)

Like most successful chefs, I am sure you have thought about writing your own cookbook many times, but not found the time or been approached by a publisher yet. As someone who has written wine books for major publishers, and gone on to set up their own book publishing business selling tens of thousands of books, we can help you.

My team will make the process far less daunting and time consuming, creating a book that you will be proud of and make sound business sense to do. As well as the pride you will have, it opens up a new revenue stream for you and can become a marketing tool that becomes self funding.

Food Photography


As a chef you create beautiful food so it only makes sense to have shots of them showing just how good they are. With our proprietary lighting techniques we show your food at its very best.

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Food Photography


People are the heartbeat of your business. We strongly believe in the importance of showing them on your website and social media channels to develop deeper connections with your clients.

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As a drink producer having devoted countless hours developing them, it only makes sense to show them in the best possible way. I would love to help you achieve this.

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Immerse your guests behind the scenes in the kitchen with my photography of the service. I work very much in a  documentary style and having worked in a Michelin starred restaurant know when to stand back!

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In addition to our own books we also do contract or collaboration publishing for restaurants, hotels, drink brands and food makers.

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Social Media

We know how much time it takes to run your business, so are pleased to offer a full service social media agency for restaurants and hotels, taking the pressure off you.

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We also make bespoke films for restaurants, bars and brands

The film below demonstrates what can be achieved across multiple locations or you may choose to keep it very simple.

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Want to stand out on Instagram and shared on Facebook?

We create custom “Photo Graphics” for use on both platforms that demand attention and are a fantastic way to promote special days and offers. We also offer low-cost monthly packages of 8 pre-designed “Photo Graphics” that we customise with your details.

Have we sparked an interest? Let us help you develop your on-line presence through, films, photos, social media and content. Take the pressure off yourself and put it onto us.

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