I would love to work with you!

I worked for many years in a Michelin starred restaurant before opening my own fine wine merchants. Since closing that I have worked as a freelance photographer covering sports (I was one of the only UK Freelancers to be granted accreditation at the Rio Olympic Games and I will be in Tokyo), and as a food and drink photographer.

Whilst a wine merchant I was commissioned by a major publisher to write books on Australian and North American wines. This started my passion for publishing which led to me starting Oliver Cameron Publishing. I focussed on books for professional photographers written by myself and authors I commissioned. I sold tens of thousands of book.

My mission now is to be a food and drink publisher, which is where my passion lies alongside photography. It is my view that in the advent of social media, the publishing industry looks increasingly antiquated. Authors themselves can aid the marketing of the book via their social channels. I believe the effort in building up their following should be recognised and have therefore designed the deal outlined below.

This deal is only offered where I believe we can sell in excess of 2000 copies, and financially is a win-win for both us. We are both equally committed to the book through our respective investments. The value of the photography alone exceeds the investment you make in the project by covering the print costs.

As a guide, for a 124-page softback book with 2000 copies printed will be circa £4k. An editors fees will vary and depends on the quality and accuracy of your writing. I would budget £500-£1000.

I ask for a £1k deposit as security in case you for any reason decide to pull out of the deal. This is repaid upon the print order being placed (which you are welcome to make directly for your own security).

Once the book is printed we split all revenues 50/50. Should you wish to purchase the book for sale yourself then copies may be purchased from me at 50% of the RRP.

A quick calculation for a book selling at £10 on average (wholesale and retail price) with 2000 copies sold returns to you £10k minus 50% of the distribution and marketing costs. Clearly, you may wish to have more than 2000 printed and I would certainly hope that we sell many more than this.

You cover the:-


We cover :-

Print ready files
Our distribution network
Customer Service (which can be a lot)
Book Proof

*We share the cost of marketing
*You will need to be available for interview and appearances.
*We share the cost of P&P but we provide the labour to facilitate it.