UK Drinks Directory Book 

We are celebrating the UK drinks industry and would love you to join us. We believe it is very hard for drink affecianados to find new products and expensive for the brands they want to experience to market to them. So we have come up with the idea of creaitng a directory. 

“The UK Drinks Directory” is a new book that will feature distillers, brewers, wine makers and wine merchants from around the UK. It celebrates the diverstiy of the UK drink industry by informing readers who is producing (or selling) what and where. 

The books will be available for sale in book stores, gift shops and Amazon.

It is the idea of David Pearce, who previously worked as a Sommelier at a Michelin Starred restaurant for many years, and did Stagiers at Le Gavroche, The Ritz and Turnberry Hotel,  before setting up his own fine wine merchants. He was also commissioned to write a book by a major publsher on Australian Wine after Jancis Robinson wrote about him in the FT.

We invite you to have a free entry and be a part of this book buy completing the submission form below. 


Do I have to pay to be included?
No – a basic listing is free of charge, but as producing a book is very expensive we ask that for an enhanced listing you pre-order 3-5 copies at £15 each (the RRP) which will allow us to publish this book. 

Will the books sell?
In our experience from other books we have published then yes it will.

What do I have to do?
For the free and enhanced listings just send us the information we need via the submission form below. For an Enhanced and Half Page entry, please send the same information and we will email to get the extra information and your logo/photo.

When will the books be out?
We hope by April. 

Where and when do I pay?
At the bottom of this page by PayPal and as soon as you can so we can start laying the book out. 

What photo do you need? 
A cut out of one bottle on a transparent background saved as a .png. If you don’t have one, please send us a bottle and we will photograph it in exchange for the bottle for you.

How will the book be catergorised?
It will be divided into wine importers/retailers, vineyards, whisky distilleries, gin brands and then Miscellaneous. Where a company produces gin and a whisky we will give you the choice.

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