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I discovered Teleman just 2 weeks ago when I was lucky enough to see them live when I got tickets to see a recording of Later With Jools Holland. Just 10 days later and I got to see Teleman live again at the Ramsgate Music Hall.

This is a pretty special venue with a capacity of just 125 plus a bar upstairs. I was not really sure what to expect when arriving being so intimate, but all the staff where super nice and friendly and showed me around. It soon became apparent that the only place to shoot from was the front of the stage to one side or an elevated lighting platform at the back. I decided I would work my way through the audience half way through and shoot from both locations. Al, the lighting engineer (he owns Big Jelly Studios) informed me that I may have some issues with lighting due to the LEDs which are not very camera friendly. I was grateful for this warning as Teleman were to be the first band I had ever photographed and naturally wanted them to like them. I made a decision artistically on how I wanted to shoot them and am pretty pleased with the results.

The residents of Ramsgate are clearly passionate about music given the amount of regulars their seemed to be at the gig, which is a really positive thing for me. They congregated upstairs in the bar where the gig is streamed to a TV for those who want to stay close to the excellent range of beers or simply do not want to be within the full capacity crowd.

Music writing is not my job so won’t attempt to pen a review but will say that I loved the set. I thought Teleman were brilliant and came away feeling quite inspired. I am now on the lookout me to find some more venues/bands to shoot. If you know of anyone looking…