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Taking photographs of the band Quiet Boy at the Ramsgate Music Hall was a highlight of last week for me.

I had a pretty good week musically, first seeing The Veils at Koko, London and then Quiet Boy on Friday night who supported Teleman at the Ramsgate Music Hall. The venue is pretty special as is so intimate due to its size with a 125 person capacity but has incredible audio. I liked the layout here with a decent sized bar upstairs where you could buy band merchandise but also get a real beer. The atmosphere was great, welcoming and friendly just as a micro venue should be. The music hall as you would expect was pretty small but this just made it extra special as the audience was so close to the bands. You literally were right in front of them which brought the gig to life. The band played a 30-40 minute set which I really got into even though it was the first time I had heard any of them. I loved the energy displayed that is ultimately derived from having a great passion for what they do. The band had only been booked a couple of days before and had to come down from London after work which I thought very dedicated.

The band are :-

Gaz Tomlinson – Vocals
Russell Ditchfield – Keys/Guitar/Vocals
Alexandra Braithwaite – Keys
Emily Sills Vocals/Violin/Synth
Stuart Roberts – Drums

Here are some images I took from the lighting platform at the back of the room. Check out their Facebook page at for up coming gigs. To be notified of more music photos that I take follow me on twitter @triphotographer. If you are in a band and would like me to photography you then please get in touch.