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Film Making
Films can not only aid your business but really help to drive sales, brand awareness and promote social media sharing. They are reported to be one of the best forms of marketing in existence today.

From Wikipedia:-
Add video to your website and dramatically improve the volume and quality of traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and YouTube. Research has shown that an online video is fifty times more likely to hit the front page of Google than single text web page whilst time on site, bounce and click through rates are all improved.

Filmmaking has always been associated with huge costs due to the amount of production involved. Think cameraman, sound engineers, lighting experts, directors and producers. I have learned how to do these roles myself just as a good head chef can work with fish, meat, pastry and sauces to a very high standard. I do have help in the form of a fantastic editor though as he brings the magic together as you can see from the film we made for Kentish Oils below. We have also just made a 30 minute documentary which was broadcast on Sky, Virgin and Freeview.

A “Village” film – £750+vat

A film up to 90 seconds in length
1 interview using 2 cameras, one wide and one close up
Up to 4 cutaways in total to show what the person is discussing (must be on the same premise as the interview)
Basic background music
Filming in 720 HD
Title and logos

A “Grand Cru” Film – from £3995+vat
The same as the basic package but up to 3 minutes in length.
Multiple cutaways and locations (within a 25 mile radius of the main hub of filming)
Up to 4 interviewees.
Filming in 4k for publication at 1080hd.
The Kentish Oils Film above is an Grand Cru Film

What is not included :-
You will be asked to pay expenses such as mileage to your premises from Maidstone, Kent (45p per mile) and any parking fees or hotel costs and food if needed if more than 100 miles away.

If you require specific background music then you will have to research this yourself and pay for that*

If you require any specific shots that need specialist equipment we do not have that will need to be hired at your expense. For example a drone for high up shots or a very long dolly to pan across a scene

We offer basic help with storyboarding the film


Q. How long will the filming last for?
A. As this is a simple film we would hope to have it completed within 2-4 hours.

Q. How long will it take to receive the film?
A. Around 10 working days as we have to fit in the editing around paying clients. We can do a rush job for a small fee.

Q. How many “takes” we will have to get it right? What if I make a mistake or stutter?
A. This is fine. We will film your piece until you are happy. After 2 or 3 attempts we would hope to have enough footage to edit it together seamlessly.

Q. We want to include more than one person speaking in the film, we want more cutaways, locations, shots. Can we do this?
A. Of course but these will be charged for.

Q. What do we have to do in relation to the filming?
A. Planning is key. Write down the message that you wish to communicate to your audience. Read it out aloud slowly and time it. Does it fit within the 30 seconds? Did you mention your products or services for us to then film a cutaway of? For example in the video above Laura discusses the oils and we go to a cut scene showing them.

You need to define your audience. Who are you speaking too? What do they need to know? Tailor your message to them for maximum effect. Who uses your product? It is far better to mention someone who uses your product/service than just simply say that it is better for whatever reason. Do you want your video to be about your company to promote brand values, history or maybe show how artisan you are, or would you prefer to create one from the customers perspective that will detail how your product/service will help them solve their problems?

Q. Our warehouse is not very attractive for filming, what can we do?
A. This is not a problem. We can light you and keep the background darker and out of focus.

Q. Are we able to upgrade and have a longer film with more people, cutaways, locations etc?
A. Yes. Please ask for a custom quote.

Q. We require 3D rendering of our product. Can you do this?
A. We are able to offer this service but budgets need to be quite large!