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How you present yourself to the world on your website, newsletter, annual report, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is highly important. You have to make the right impression and gain customers trust in you. By having a wonderfully lit professional headshot it shows that you care, that you appreciate attention to detail and that will follow through in your work. You never see a large corporation using a mug shot taken with a mobile phone of their executives anywhere for a reason.

All of my sessions are fully guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied then you do not pay. It is that simple. Having discuss the style you are looking for I will come to your offices and work quickly to capture you either in natural light or within my advanced mobile studio. We will then review the images together to select the ones you love.

We have written FAQ section here to answer the most common questions we are asked.

Basic Shoot
1 set of clothing and 1 location or background. 3 retouched images of each person delivered. Suitable for social media and websites. Approximately 15 mins per person.
1 person £99
2 people £85 per person
3 people + £75 per person

Standard Shoot
2 sets of clothing and 2 locations. 6 retouched images of each person delivered. Suitable for social media and websites and magazines/newspapers. Approximately 45 mins per person.
1 person £150
2 people £135 per person
3 people + £120 per person

Executive Shoot
3+ sets of clothing and up to 5 locations. A set of at least 15 retouched images of each person delivered to suit all uses. Suitable for all uses including annual reports. Approximately 2 hours per person.
1 person £550
2 people £425 per person
3 people + £350 per person

I also offer simple head shot service at just £25 per person if there are more than 25 people. These take around 5 minutes per person and must all be taken on the same day.

All prices quotes are ex vat and maybe subject to expenses such as travel.

FAQ’s are below the following gallery

Head Shot FAQ’s

How important is it to have a professional taken headshot in business?
In our opinion it is hugely important as it is how you present yourself to your customers, potential clients, suppliers and the media. First impressions count and a picture paints a thousand words. You want to look professional, approachable, confident and trustworthy as a minimum. In some industries it might be appropriate for you to have light hearted images showing your fun side, in others a more serious demeanour. It depends entirely on your individual business which we discuss with you at the time of booking. We can then work with you and plan a range of suitable images to portray you in the best light.

Can we not just use our own camera and take head shots?
You certainly can and many do. But how professional do they look? 99% of the time they are badly lit, badly posed and most importantly the subject has a false expression. Only a small percentage of professional photographers are able to take exceptional head shots as even they cannot see the difference between a good and bad example. It is the minutiae of detail that is important. It is about the expression which can be effected by mere millimetres of difference in the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Then comes the lighting and positioning of the subject to create refinement. Is the shirt collar tight against the neck, is their hair covering an eye, what angle was the subject shot at and was it flattering? How was the image lit and how well was it retouched? You can take a head shot with your mobile phone but it will be far removed from what a proper head shot would look like. Remember, your images help you to attract new business so making an investment in them will soon show benefits. An analogy I like to use is that of a racing driver. We can all drive a car but how many of us can drive one as well as a professional racing driver?

Where are the head shots taken?
We travel to you with our portable studio equipment. This means a less disruptive day for all staff members and has a time benefit for you with people away from their desks for considerably less time. If you don’t have a suitable space we can always hire a local studio or room to do the shoot.

What style of images should we have?
This is something that we will discuss with you. They may be against a white background, black or grey background, in your offices or boardroom, outside in front of your office or in an interior hall. In fact we can shoot in all of these if needed. We will also discuss the format required whether it be in landscape, portrait or square and which images are best suited to the specific sizes of Linkedin. We can also leave “negative” space allowing magazine editors space for text when writing an article on you.

What happens if we have someone in our organisation that hates their photograph being taken?
This is a very common occurrence and we work a little harder with them to alleviate these fears. Their dislike is usually associated with their appearance (however beautiful or handsome they are) and how they have seen themselves in photos in the past. We work with them to build confidence and trust by showing them the images we are taking during the course of the shoot. How we see ourselves is quite different to how the rest of the world views us. We know this all too well from photographing over 200 weddings with stunning brides and grooms who are still self critical. We relax them to ensure that we get amazing results.

What is the best time of day or year to have our portraits taken?
The simple answer is any time of year is fine. For the most part we will be shooting inside where we can control the light and achieve 95% of the shots you will ever need. Should you need specific shots outside we can discuss how this can be achieved. For example we can even make it look sunny on a grey day through use of specialist lighting techniques.

What should I wear?
This can be quite a complex question and also depends on the length of shoot you have chosen. As a general rule we advise to wear something relatively even in colour so no crazy patterns! For gentlemen nothing beats a good quality shirt (and tie if required) that fits well and is fairly new or still holding its shape around the collar. Ladies may choose to wear a blouse, top or dress. The most important factor is that you are happy and love it so your favourites are always a good choice. Why not play with layers and textures as clothing can play an important element in how you present yourself to the world. If unsure, just bring in a selection as you can always get changed. Don’t get too hung up on the seasons as your image will be seen all year. We can shoot a mixture even to suit all seasons.

Hair and Makeup
We highly recommend that ladies have a hair and make up artist to ensure that are looking their absolute best. Having a head shot taken is an investment and this finishes the preparation off perfectly. We always recommend that men have had a recent haircut and are groomed well.

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