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I am having mixed feelings about Richmond. On one hand I like it – the people are warm and friendly but they are sparse. There does not appear to be any stores downtown to draw people in to the city centre. It is just offices and restaurants/bars making it hard for me to find something as simple as a waterproof jacket as I forgot to being one. The city has a love of the car horn even when there is no traffic and no danger. It is incredibly annoying. To make matters worse the trains sound their astonishingly loud horns throughout the night to the extent that I cannot wait to get a good nights sleep.

Enough with the negatives though, what about the positives? Well there is a booming craft brewery industry, a lot of history and some interesting architecture. The restaurants and other eating establishments are good and if you venture out of town (use Uber) there are some lovely properties to see and Carytown is buzzing with an eclectic range of independent stores. I personally love Comfort for lunch, Pasture for dinner, Capital Ale House for craft beer and City Dogs for a great snack.

The Virginia State Capital building is open to the public and well worth a visit. I particularly enjoyed the galleries landing on the 2nd floor with portraits of past Governors. Monument Avenue is approximately 1.5 miles long and as it suggests full of monuments and provides a lovely walk.

I took a canal cruise with Riverfront Canal Cruises ( which was a pleasant way to spend 45 mins only marred by the captain fishing for tips in a low key way at the end. How I hate having to tip everywhere… He did provide some informative commentary and I enjoyed the ride though. Most of the images below were taken during the trip.

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