Are you looking for a risk-free pay as you go photography service?

I come to you and take photos for 2 hours. The images are edited and uploaded in high resolution to a private gallery for you to buy individually or as a package. The gallery remains live for 12 months so you can dip in and out as needed.

The pricing is a follows –

£15 for 1 photo
£100 for 15 (£6.66 each)
£150 for 30 (£5.00 each)
£200 for 60 (£3.33 each)

A small surcharge may be levied for extensive travel from Kent or morning shoots in London to cover my travel expenses.

Food Photography


As a chef you create beautiful food so it only makes sense to have shots of them showing just how good they are. With our proprietary lighting techniques we show your food at its very best. View my gallery here
Food Photography


People are the heartbeat of your business. We strongly believe in the importance of showing them on your website and social media channels to develop deeper connections with your clients. View my gallery here


As a drink producer having devoted countless hours developing them, it only makes sense to show them in the best possible way. I would love to help you achieve this. View my portfolio here.


Immerse your guests behind the scenes in the kitchen with my photography of the service. I work very much in a  documentary style and having worked in a Michelin starred restaurant know when to stand back! View my portfolio here.

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