Film Making

Films play a vital role in the context of your marketing and serve multiple purposes. A multi-film strategy helps to communicate an introduction to your company, the product or services you offer, employee training, recruitment and testimonials. Once made they can be displayed across multiple channels including your website, social media or at trade-shows. They have many benefits :-

The ability to show them across a wide range of mediums.
Films are now very cost effective to make.
It can “humanise” your company by showing it is run by real people and help develop connections.
Films engage with your audience far more than text.
The ability to succinctly convey your message.
Google reputedly rewards sites with films on in their rankings.
A film shows your brand’s personality and helps to build trust.
They develop emotional context.

At Different Perspective we have the experience to help you stand out from your competitors through our films.

Pricing starts from £495 + vat and expenses. I have showcased a selection of films below with typical pricing. The film below which has been shot in multiple locations would be circa £3995

A film like this would cost circa £850 + vat and expenses and are typically 2-4 minutes long. Testimonial films are an excellent way to communicate how much your customers love you. 

These are examples of films that range from £495-£850 + vat and occasionally expenses They are generally around 60-90 seconds long. 

The two films below were made on the same day but with two different edits. The price would be circa £1995 + vat

This film was made for Cervelo in Hawaii. It was broadcast all over Europe on a Sky channel. The price would be circa £25,000 + vat

Pricing Guide Chart (all ex vat)

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