Film Making

Bring your brand to life with one of our films. From basic films made to a budget to those destined for TV we can help realise your ambitions at a cost effective price. A basic film like the ones for Savile Row Gin (below) take around 1 hour each to film so time and cost effective to make. 

Savile Row Gin

These films taken during the course of a photoshoot were included within my standard day rate. As stand alone films they would cost circa £250 each + expenses. 

Bakers Bicycle

The Bakers Bicycle film below is a little more advanced and would cost circa £350 + expenses. 

Kentish Oils

This film would be £4000 plus expenses due to its advanced nature


This would be £600 plus expenses but contained multiple edits of different lengths. 

Lucy Gossage

This film of Lucy Gossage was one of 3 mades in a day and would be £850 plus expenses

Roseacre Dental

The Roseacre Dental film below would be £750 + expenses. 


I made this film in Hawaii for the brands new bike the P5X. It was broadcast all over Europe on the Bike Channel and would cost £15k