A case study using Danewest Automotive

Danewest is a flourishing classic car hire business that started just over a year ago. Due to their success, time is in short supply as I discovered on a recent photo shoot for them. It takes up so much of their time dealing with customers and keeping the cars immaculate that there was little left for work on social media. Factor in the specialist knowledge required for each social media platform in addition to the creative skill needed to make photovisuals it is often a job that simply gets put on the back burner.

It struck me that I could help by using the stunning imagery I had taken for their website and using a selection to creating photovisuals for them designed for Instagram and Facebook. Taking it one step further I could also shoot a couple of short films whilst moving the cars into position and use those. It all seemed to fit in so perfectly and would save them a big headache.

As I was editing the images back in my office, I was imagining using the Triumph Stag for a weekend away and where I would go. Being a writer this of course turned into an article which they can also use.  The photovisuals can also easily be recommissioned exactly as they are or with a new message for a specific day or event so not a one off expense.

Creating advanced posts for use on Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to the standard images that work so well, I created a selection of embellished images to complement them. These serve to make suggestions to potential customers on various uses but at the same time encouraging them to look longer in order to read the words. We are trying to encourage them to paint a picture in their mind of how they would use the cars.

I also throughly researched the best and most relevant #’s to use. I am not divulging them here for obvious reasons.

Standard images Instagram and Facebook.

I delivered around 250 standard images to Danewest to give them various option for cropping and to allow them to alternate images on their website. The shoot itself took just half a day to complete.

Short Form Posts

I did not stop with the images. I also created a series of articles about each car for them to post on their blog. Here for example is the one I wrote for their beautiful Triumph Stag with the original 2L engine.

The Triumph Stag, an icon amongst British cars, is the perfect way to travel for a weekend getaway. Fitted with the desirable and original 2.0L V8 engine, our Stag offers enough power to provide an exhilarating drive, be in through the scenic and undulating roads of Kent, taking you through idyllic villages and hamlets, looking resplendent with their Kentish Oast houses to a faster coastal route allowing you to discover the White Cliffs of Dover or the largest shingle desert in Europe at Dungeness. 

The Triumph Stag, designed by Michelotti, caught the directors attention of the classic Bond film “Diamonds and Forever” and was featured when 007 commandeered a 1970 model from a diamond smuggler.  The car was actually designed to be a direct competitor to the Mercedes SL so it’s appeal to the directors is obvious, especially being British made. 

It is very easy to drive for a classic feeling both secure and planted. As you accelerate, roof off, it is easy to imagine yourself as Bond, especially with the gorgeous exhaust note reminding you of that fantastically responsive V8 engine at your disposal. As you make progress through the often ideal driving roads around Kent to feel a sense of openness, not only from having the top down but from the prospect of imminent, if not immediate adventure. 

For me the perfect weekend journey in the Stag is visiting the many wineries and breweries located around the county. You don’t have to worry about storage as the Stag has quite sufficient to stow away a few bottles that you are bound to accumulate on your trip. My first stop would be Chapel Down near Tenderden, affording you ample opportunity to enjoy the car en-route. From here go to Biddenden who also make a wonderful cider then on to Shepherd Neame, the oldest brewery in the UK. Stop for the night in the charming fishing town of Whitsable with it’s booming gastronomic scene before heading off in the morning to the historic city of Canterbury.