Product Collective

Do you have a struggle getting enough images to use within your social media campaigns?

Do you need images for your marketing?

Would you like to use films as well as stills?

Do you need copy for your BLOG posts?

Would you like to share the costs of producing content with other companies?


What I do

I arrange trips to stunning locations where I shoot my clients products for them. This is done as a collective, so 5-15 brands maybe represented which keeps costs down. 20+ unique images are produced for each brand in addition to “pool” images. All images are supplied in high res to you for your use on social media and basic marketing. I am also able to write ready to post BLOG posts for you if you require.

I use local models or sports persons that fit in with the shoots purpose. This is to save on travel and accommodation costs for the collective.

Short films may also be commissioned for use on social media.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if not totally satisfied.


Example shoot and BLOG post – Going for your first sea swim in preparation for Ironman Wales

Considered one of the hardest Ironman courses in the World, Wales can strike fear even into the most seasoned competitor. A sea swim that can be cold, choppy and full of jelly fish, an unrelenting hilly bike course that makes you question if a TT or road bike is the better option and a run course that is either up or down testing already tired legs.

So why do it? Because of the above. The sheer fact that it is not easy (not that a long distance triathlon ever is) is what holds appeal along with the incredible support along the route from the locals who totally embrace the race. I actually welled up when I first visited, the atmosphere was totally unique. Ironman Wales is iconic and and most certainly a bucket list race for many around the World.

The beach huts are 3 or 4 deep and go on for 100m or so.

I recently met up with Laura who competed at Ironman UK in 2016 in 14:40:58, a time that she should better in Wales this year given her current form. Her swim time was good at 1:20 and percentage wise against the rest of the field, her best discipline. The swim at Tenby is an altogether different proposition though. Unpredictable water temperature, potential of big swells and of course the inevitable large jelly fish. To swim here requires confidence and the best way to build this is sea swim training.

Whitstable is very scenic with its beach huts.

Living in Kent, Laura has access to the sea on the North, South and East so ample opportunity to train and get accustomed to the likely conditions. A favourite location is the picturesque fishing town of Whitstable, known globally for its Oysters and as a place Londoners retreat to at the weekend. With it’s colourful beach huts, safe conditions and independent shops, it is ideal to visit by yourself or with the family who can occupy themselves whilst you train.

This was a calm day and ideal for Laura’s first proper sea swim.

This is England though and although the temperature maybe in the 20’s during August there is a fair chance the wind will be blowing, and the sea not exactly balmy like you would expect in the Med. Getting cold is one of the disadvantages of open water swimming so a couple of years ago Laura invested in a dryrobe. Specifically designed to allow the wearer to get changed inside it (think of it as a mobile changing room) whilst at the same time drying you off and reflecting your body heat back at you. Being water proof and perhaps most importantly here, wind proof, it is a so much more than a training aid. It is designed for purpose, enabling the wearer to be comfortable and participate in the sport they love more often. It helps keep muscles warm if you are doing multiple swims on the same day and saves the need to bring a towel.

Checking for currents before going for a swim.

I asked Laura why she chose dryrobe – “I do a lot of open water swim training and the facilities are not always great, especially at the beach unless I walk a long way to the often dirty toilets. Having a dryrobe on the beach is not even a luxury, it is a necessity. I am able to put it on immediately after my swim and start to get warm instantly. I get fully changed inside it very easily and stay warm and dry. It has literally made a world of difference to my training. I used to put off open water training as it could be hassle and I really feel the cold. Now, knowing I have a dryrobe I actively look forward to it. It makes what I love doing enjoyable and this is worth everything to me”.

With their unrivalled technical performance and range of colours it is clear why Laura was not the only person on the beach that day who was wearing one. In fact I saw 3 or 4 people which I am sure is a common sight. Speaking with some locals they told me how they often see dog walkers on the beach with them early in the mornings sheltering from the wind. It seems there are a multitude of uses for dryrobe within everyday life making it very functional.

I wish Laura every success at Ironman Wales, and hope that with her continued training the sea at Tenby will not hold any fear and she will conquer it.

It is always nice to walk around new areas to take it all in before going for a swim.