Why Me?

“I would walk 2000 miles
And I would walk 2000 more…”

That is how I want to feel about photographing your wedding – that I would put just as much effort into capturing it perfectly as I would walking that incredible distance. You have spent months, if not years planning your wedding and I want to create a stunning family heirloom that your family will treasure in two thousand years time.

Why choose me over all the other wedding photographers out there, all claiming to have won one of the 2000 wedding photography awards there seem to be (everyone is an award winning photographer right?). The answer is pretty simple:-


  • I am the author of the best selling book “Wedding Photography – A Guide to Posing” that has been purchased by over 12,000 wedding photographers.
  • I care.
  • I have shot over 200 weddings.
  • I am probably the only one to have been priviledged and selected to cover the Rio Olymic Games.
  • I will go out of my way to ensure your wedding is as special as I can help it to be.
  • Because you have read my Blog and connect with me. We will have things in common, shared interests and passions.
  • Because you love my work and cannot think of anyone you would prefer to cover your wedding at a price that you are comfortable with
  • Choosing someone to photograph your wedding is a huge decision to make. You will have the images for life but more importantly they, should you have them, will be the best images your kids are ever likely to have of you. The person you choose has to be one you get along with so please read through all my blog entries to get a feel of what I am like.