Can we see some of the photos on our wedding day itself?
Of course – I will WhatsApp you images throughout the day for you to put on your socials. I will also take some BTS with my phone to send to you instantly.

How long does it take for all the images to be delivered to us?
I know how eager you will be to see your images, so aim to deliver the fully edited images within 48 hours of the first dance.

Can we meet to discuss our wedding?
Of course – that would be great! I can meet you in Maidstone or London.

How will you dress on the day?
Well, not in a dress and heels as that might look a bit odd, even though I do have good legs! I will usually be wearing a suit and shirt.

How many images will I receive?
This is so individual depending on your wedding and how long I am there for. I would say 100 per hour of coverage is usually about right as I edit very loosely and keep as many images for you as I can.

What are your mileage fees if we are more than 75 miles from ME14
£0.45 per mile for anything over the 75 miles but if you are in Scotland etc I would fly and get a rental car but we can discuss that.

How far will you travel?
As far as you would like me to.

What are your interests outside of photography?
I used to be a Sommelier in a Michelin starred restaurant, owned a fine wine merchants and wrote two books on wine, so it is fair to say I love all things food and drink related. I also love to race triathlon over all distances from sprint to Ironman. I collect watches, limited edition whiskies and original art. I also own a beautiful classic car that I love to take out. I really enjoy travel and have done quiet a bit except for Asia (only Hong Kong) and Africa (only Cape Town).

What equipment do you use?
The right equipment for the job is all I can say for this. My current camera line comprises 1xNikon D6, 1 x D4, 1 x D810, 1 x D500 and all the lenses you could possibly need.

How much experience do you have?
Lots. I have shot over 200 weddings and written a best selling book on wedding photography.

Who makes your albums?

What size will our digital images be?
I usually crop them to 12×8″ so the file sizes are manageable.

What happens if our first dance starts late?
I don’t mind a few minutes late but if it is more than 30 mins then you will be invoiced at £100 per 30 minutes.

Why should we choose you?
As I am lovely!

Do you have any hidden charges?

How do we see our wedding photos?
I will send them to you via a USB drive.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No I do not. I carefully edit them but very loosely.

Can you hold a date for me?
I am afraid not. Only a retainer will hold the date for you.

If we cancel is the retainer refundable?
No – I block off the date and more than likely refuse other couples for that date.

Do we see our album before its printed?
Yes – you see a pdf version.

What happens if we lose our USB with our wedding photos on?
I suggest you back it up with many sources although I do keep your images for 12 months at a minimum.

What is your style of photography?
My own. It is a mix of documentary/reportage and posed couple shots.

Do you have insurance?
Yes – I am fully insured.

Do you take a retainer?
Yes – it is £500

When do we need to pay the remaining balance?
3 weeks before your wedding date.

Do we need to book you know or can we wait?
You can wait but the chances are that I will be booked for your date in the meantime.

Will you require a meal?
If working whilst you are eating your wedding breakfast then yes. A hot, healthy meal is required.

Who chooses the album images ?
If you choose to have an album then I initially design it. You may make alterations though.

Can we order albums at a later date if it’s not included in the package?

How long before we receive our album?
Usually within 6 weeks of your signing off on it.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes I do.

What happens if you are ill?
This would be very unfortunate and virtually never happens. If it does I have a nationwide netowrk of people who are able to cover for me.

Do we see the outtakes?
No – I edit very loosely and just delete duplicates and blinkers alongside genuine bad shots (we all take the odd one!)

Do we have to have posed and family photos?
No – but I strongly suggest that you do. I recommend around 4-12 usually.

Can we provide you with a list of shots we would like taken?
Sadly not. This really stifles my flow and a lot of what you might request may not even happen. If I am looking for these images I cannot capture all those lovely natual images. You can of course specify family shots.