Why choose me?

I have shot over 200 weddings and written a best-selling book on Wedding Photography.

I was one of the only UK freelance photographers to be awarded full accreditation for the Rio Olympic Games as I also do sports photography.

You have spent months, if not years planning your wedding and I want to create a stunning family heirloom that your family will treasure

Top 10 things to be mindful of when planning your wedding.

I have written the top items to be mindful of when booking your wedding. This is essential reading to help you plan your wedding and not make expensive and bad choices. This list will be added to frequently so do stop by again.

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I am sure you have a great number of questions so this is the place to find most of the answers. If I don’t list your question then please email me and I will get back to you ASAP.

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My pricing is bespoke as every wedding is unique. How many hours would you like me in attendance for, where is the wedding, would you like an album? As a guide, a weddings range from £495-£1495.

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A Little About Me



Company Role

Triathlon is my favourite sport and one that I compete in regularly up to Ironman distance. As such I also enjoy cycling and running and am often found to be running marathons and will be doing at least 7 this year (they really are not that hard).



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I spent years working as a sommelier in a Michelin starred restaurant so naturally wine and food have a strong presence in my life. I love to cook and eat out. I have written 2 books on wine. I also love craft beer and whisky.



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I am fortunate that I love travel and as I am also a sports photographer I get to work/travel globally. Recent trips have included Rio (I was one of the only UK freelance photographers to be given accreditation for the Olympic Games), Australia, Canada, USA, Portugal, France, Mexico, Switzerland + others.

Things to avoid No1

I am not sure I have ever encountered a bride having to support a church or wall in case it falls down..

Things to avoid No 2

Showing the garter or getting the groom to bite it is just cheese on a major level.

Things to avoid No 3

Really, has anyone done this since 1995?

Things to avoid No 4

Not posing the bride and groom in a flattering manner. The illustration on the right is far improved than the one on the left.

Things to avoid No 5

Getting the bridal party to do silly things behind the bride and groom.

Things to avoid No 6

I don’t know about you but I hate seeing buildings falling over or skies at an angle. How weird!

Things to avoid No 7

Firing line (at the top) and cheesy (at the bottom) group shots. Lets make them a bit more classy!

Remember – I only charge £1995