In the previous article in this series I discussed the importance of having a website that was not only modern but also responsive (if you missed it read it here first) and content rich. The content is designed to build your very own audience and eventually become your main marketing platform. And you OWN it and control it!

Your website is an evolving marketing tool and it should not stand still, perishing under a dust cover. It needs care and love in the form of regular content. Think of it it human terms – if we did not eat or drink we would soon perish and fade away. The same goes for a website. To remain healthy it needs a regular stream of articles to keep it alive (ideally from a structured plan) and be dressed well via the 4 elements I discuss below. Imagine if someone in an office wore the same suit, shirt and tie everyday. How boring and uninventive would you think they are? The same applies to your website, give it a new suit, dress, shirt, jacket frequently.

The 3 elements that your website should be updated with on a regular basis :-

Everyone loves a good visual. A professional photograph shows that you too are professional and care about the small details which make all the difference. An image conveys what you are about and speaks a thousand words. Sub standard photos are visible from a mile away. Not only will you use stunning images on your site but also on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and linkedIn at certain times (each of those platforms has a very specific and different purpose). You need your images to convey what you are, your vibe and what you do. They need to pique a viewers interest and lead to them sharing them to their social media platforms.

This can be a step up in terms of time and investment from stills photography but will immerses the viewer into your world. People buy from people and a film allows you to actively show your passion and explain why they should choose you. For a business that is trying to attract consumers such as restaurants, hotels, manufacturers or even a shop or tourist attraction an intro film can do wonders. It can not only show your product but also the people behind those products. Obviously these need to be professionally filmed and edited at a cost in the thousands but they offer a really good ROI.

For those not yet in a position to make such an investment there are less expensive options. For example, we also offer £99 recipe films or £199 walk through films. These are shot to the same standard as a behind the scenes (BTS) film so very basic but the audience know this and does not mind. In fact these can be just as effective as you can create so many more of them. You can see what I mean on this page)

Written Content
This is a biggie and one of the hardest to get right. Google loves fresh content and it is one of the primary reasons (along with photos and film) that allows you to build an audience in which to engage with. Finding the time to do this though can be almost impossible (this is where we come in!) and even harder to get right unless you are a seasoned writer. Your content should be a mixture of short and long form on topics that interest your customers. A hotel for example may talk about how to get the best nights sleep when in a strange bed or the importance of lighting. You cannot just guess though as that is just stabbing in the dark. You need to spend time researching and making analysis on what your potential customers want to read. You do this by ascertaining what keywords they use when searching for a product like yours, what they are currently talking about on social media and what their interests are.

Content creation should be one of the most important elements in your marketing plan. It is something you are in control of and can really drive additional business to you.

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