Social Media

Look around you. Everyone you see is on their mobile and not reading magazines. Where do you spend your advertising money? Social media is so hard to get right. It is a long game and not one of instant success. It takes time to build relationships, trust and generate engagement. We make your customers feel appreciated by publishing outstanding content relevant to them.

We make your brand human, we tell your story in a way that people will connect with it, we inspire, we inform, we make them laugh, we deliver knowledge. We research your client base and talk in a language they appreciate, specific to each social media platform.

We realise that you probably do some social media already but do you actually understand it? Really understand it? Do you just tweet and create posts without structure, planning or thought? We speak the language of Social Media and take time to research who your customers are, what platforms they use and how they interact.

It is crucially important yet so difficult to get right. It is so much more that just posting a tweet or photo. It needs proper content planning and implementation even down to the time something is posted. It needs an understanding of your audience, what they want and how they use each platform.

We manage this on your behalf.


Twitter is for news and information. We will use it to announce new content, special offers, news or awards. We research relevant and current hashtags to ensure we are in the same conversations as your customers and engage them.


You know that a picture speaks a thousand words and instagram is the perfect place to show the world what you are offering. We will take stunning photography and make short films specifically designed for instagram. By using carefully selected hashtags we will entice new customers to you.


Facebook needs to be used intelligently and is the hub of your social media. We will use it to engage your customers and broaden the awareness of your brand by strategic comments and tagging. We will create films for you (if you have chosen this option) which are hugely popular on Facebook generating lots of shares, take photos and create informative, professionally designed posts. The content we post will be inline with your corporate guidelines and incorporate any special deals you may have driving business to you.


LinkedIn is where we develop your business to business relationships through well thought out articles and content. We will post regularily on your behalf to attract business customers to you and their all important corporate credit cards.

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