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We understand your industry as we have worked in it for many years at the highest level. Time was non-existent before the age of social media so how you are supposed to find the time now is bewildering. This results in most restaurants and hotels only really paying lip service to social media, usually doing themselves or asking a younger member of the team to post pictures purely because they know how too. Would you ask a housekeeper to look after the kitchen as they can cook at home? Of course not, and with social media is such  huge source of free marketing it makes commercial sense to hire a professional.

But that is fraught with dangers as most “experts” only have a very basic idea of what to do. How often do you see a feed consisting of a nice image with a caption saying “we serve only the finest food made from fresh ingredients”. Boring, ineffective and useless. This is just repeating what they have said countless times before and what there competition is most likely to be saying. That is not how we work. We create interesting and intelligent posts designed to drive engagement for you. We effectively act like the publishers of your own instagram magazine full of great content. Not just publishing a photograph.

The problem I find is most restaurants and hotels don’t know how much money they are wasting on hiring the wrong person or agency. Please chat to us and discover exactly what we do as I can almost guarantee it will be leagues above what you have now (you don’t know what you don’t know).

We have a range of services from the basic (photos, films, posts, hashtags) to our full service which we only speak about directly with you so our (and your) competitors don’t find out the secrets quite so easily!

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