For Chefs

Most chefs dream at some stage of having their own cookbook and we can help make that a reality. All we need from you is your time, recipes and investment. We will take care of the photography, design, editing, publishing and printing. The book will we sold primarily through your restaurant and online via our sales channels and Amazon. The number of books you will need to sell to recover your investment is relatively low making your own cookbook an excellent way to potentially increase your profits in addition to being a fantastic marketing aid.

For Brands

As a brand owner it is vitally important to be creative in your marketing; having a book is one such option. These maybe as small as a A6 20 page book with recipes in, to a full blown recipe or cocktail book. We can advise in pricing which maybe a lot lower than you think. For example, 500 copies of a 20 page A6 book starts from just £995 including photography, design, publishing and printing. Up the quantity to 2000 and it is just £1500 so perfect for trade shows.

Cookbook Pricing

We understand that creating a cookbook can be a lifelong ambition and we are here to help you. Having worked in a Michelin starred restaurant for years, our MD understands what you want to achieve and will personally be heavily involved in your book.

We believe the publishing industry is very old fashioned and antiquated, with the publisher taking a far larger percentage of the profits that they need to. Our goal is to give far greater rewards to the chefs whose books we publish through our unique strategy. We would love to share our process with you and our 12 point marketing strategy.


Cocktail Book Pricing

We believe in transparency and keeping things simple. Clearly, there are infinite variables when it comes to books including size, quantity, design, proofing, writing, editing and of course photography. We would discuss your initial ideas using them to create visual guidelines from which to base the booklet on. Below I have provided some guidelines to give you a base point.