Product Photography


How you show your products to the world can make a huge difference to sales. You need your product to look exceptional and we can help through basic to advanced lighting techniques.

Pricing is generally bespoke but the following will give you a guide. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the good to us and their return if you require them back. Turnaround time is around 3 days but we will confirm this upon receiving the job details.

Simple Shots

Price per image* :-

1 = £25

2-10 = £20

11-20 = £15

21-50 = £10

50+ = 8

Add £1 per item if more than one item is in a image. For example, if you require just one shot of 6 cheeses the price would be £30

Add £1 per image to have a reflection.


Creative Images

Price per image from* :-

1 = £60

2-10 = £50

*The first shot in the gallery of Tattinger and Louboutins would be circa £250 as an example.



This is usually done at your premises and worked out on a half or full day rate of £500 and £800 respectively. We bring the our portable studio to you. You can expect us to shoot circa 8 images per hour. A half day is 4 hours. We can also include other work within the time frame such as staff portraits and interior images.