Let me help you set up a FREE Instagram Account.

Instagram is the MOST important social network currently for your business – Please don’t take my word though – read the links at the bottom of the page to various reports.

Why I will create Instagram posts for you FREE OF CHARGE

I know you are probably thinking I am on Twitter and Facebook so don’t need yet another social account such as Instagram, but you really do. You are losing far more business by not being on Instagram, than you are gaining on Twitter and Facebook (like so many people, I hardly ever look at these now). I want to help you get onto Instagram as that is where your customers eyes are focussed. And I will not charge you to do it. I want you to the result you can achieve and give you the knowledge to do it in-house.
Twitter is great for giving out news – “we had a cancellation for tonight if any would like to take it”, “Grilled Halibut is todays special but we only have 7 so book now”. It is short form and non visual.
Facebook still has it’s place but it is very hard for new customers to find you. It is best for chatty type posts and people are using it less and less.
Instagram is where everyones eyes are  – just look at what app your customers are using. It is fantastic for story telling, it is image centric so you can show off the ambience, food, interiors and people. You add hashtags which people search for and follow. Your business is visual so perfect for the platform and new guests can find you very easily and engage with you. Guests will take images whilst with you and then post them on their feed so all their friends will see them. It is visual journaling which does not happen on Facebook or Twitter. Eventually people see that a number of their friends have been to you, and you have “social currency”. People want visit you as it helps there social standing “Look where I am” etc.

Here’s how I can provide you with Instagram Posts at no cost.

I am a photographer specialising in supplying restaurants and hotels with fantastic images for their marketing and social media channels. If you hire me to take food and interior images for your hotel then I will set up Instagram for you and create posts for all the images that I take including captions and hashtags at zero charge. It is a complimentary service. You just sit back and watch the new customers come in!
Instagram really is the way forward and far more effective that print advertising and a lot less expensive! Your customers effectively become your marketing team if done correctly. In summary, I can set up an Instagram account for you, take a large number of images for it, write the posts and create the targeted hashtags.
I can offer a full package or simply set up an account for you, creating posts using your existing images, expertly writing the captions and targeted hashtags (#).
I really do urge you to research this. Use someone else if you prefer too, but PLEASE get on Instagram as it is so beneficial to your business. Hence why all the top hotels and chefs have accounts even when they are pretty much running at capacity anyway.