Content Creation

You know you have to create content but simply don’t have the time, so it never gets done even though you promise yourself that it will.

Designing a website is just the first step, it then has to be maintained. Think of your site as a fine house – it may look grand and have a luxury interior but if the electricity and water is switched off it does not function properly. The same applies to your site – it needs to be updated with relevant and engaging content on a regular basis to make it work effectively.

In additon to creating new and original content we will also resuse exisitng content we have created as this can be highly effective. Google now dates articles as no one wants to look at outdated content so we will, where appropriate refresh, update or repackage it as an infographic or maybe a pdf.

We use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)in moderation in our articles to aid your Google ranking in addition to schema coding.

Written Articles

We will research and write both short and long form (at least 1500 words which is the sweetspot for Google) unique articles for you. These maybe related to seasonal produce or happenings in the industry. You will often be invited to contribute and give your own opinion. You may have purchased a new range of mattresses that aid a good night’s sleep in which case we will write an article on getting the best night’s sleep. If you manufacture a product we will write about new uses for it or some of the ingredients that make it special.


People love to read interviews with suppliers so if you are a restaurant and use locally produced products we will arrange a time to visit them, conduct an interview or write an article alongside fantastic photographs and maybe even a short film. The good news is that the supplier will almost certainly link to you from their site and social media thus giving you great marketing reach.


Recipe films are all the rage currently on Facebook and YouTube. They are literally receiving thousands (if not millions) of views and shares. We will film recipes of your choosing in a format specific to the social media platform (Facebook is best in a square format without sound, for example) to really engage your customers.

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